Fort Dix WALMART RV Camping with a DMWT

Daniel Comp discovers what he believes is the origin of the phrase dimwit. It's closely related to Camping overnight at the Fort Dix Wally Mart. "We humans are 'pattern-seeking' creations. We love to spot and interpret 'signs' and 'wonders' - by leaving the heat of Texas for the fire of Phoenix, wearing his shirt inside out, and walking the Fort Dix Walmart parking lot at 4 in the morning like a zombie. DimWit = DMWT. You can learn a lot by asking Fort Dix dimwits rather than being one. Join the private conversation at for Fort Dix men The Little Ice Cream Boy: Sean & Kristy Michaels - LOLOHO - Long Long Honeymoon 13 Walmart Camping Tips GET YOUR LOLOHO RV GEAR HERE! Loloho on PATREON: