Fort Dix Scotomas Duex

Life is what happens between our plans. Sometimes life near Fort Dix is good. Sometimes it's not so. On your BEST day you'll not likely commit your time to building a better PRODUCT, and better MARKETING and get the FINANCE in order. Nope, we like to hang out in one of those and neglect the others. There's a Fort Dix business SCOTOMA. Have you ever been scammed in Fort Dix? Not only did we discover the Strawberry Milkshake of Death, we learned that the vehicle owners are being gamed in Fort Dix and all around the US. Daniel closes the box on a 6 month long challenge with a transmission control module TCM that was sold by 'experts' and guaranteed for life... yeah right. Been there. You don't need to fall in this crevasse. Blind spots are abundant. We can't imagine the number of deceptions out there. How long does it take to authenticate someone's claim, identity or 'game'? More than you want. And, you can expect 'life' to challenge your process by thr